Radikon – SL Slatnik


Oslavia, Italy

Skin-contact Pinot Gris from this legendary producer of natural wine. Sivi is Sasa’s smoking example of a Pinot Gris (PG). Sivi is PG in Slovenian.

Just over a week on skins for this beautiful lightly-blushed fruit sees a textural, yet vibrant example of the variety emerge.

These wines of Radikon can be a little challenging if you don’t know what you are in for, however, the PG has a softness and approachability that makes it one of th ebest entry points into the Radikon range. It shows a genrle rosy character, hints of spiced pears and fine, feathery tannins. It’s a thirst slaking, citrus-driven, fundamentally delicious thing to drink.

Maceration in oak vats fo 8 1/4 days, bottle ageing for 2 months.


Pinot Grigio

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