La Stoppa – Ageno 2018


Emilia Romagna, Italy

Founded in 1978 by the Panteoni family, Elena Panteoni, the present owner, a revolutionary, is recognised as the mentor/leader in Italy for the artisanal production of wine. In 1996, they went down the organic path and La Stoppa has since 2008 been certified as organic.

This wine was named after the founder of La Stoppa, lawyer Ageno, who was the first to believe and give value to the great potential of this area. The only dry white wine of the estate, obtained after a long maceration from grapes of this hot and low yielding land.

Malvasia di Candia Aromatico (90%), Ortrugo & Trebbiano (10%)

Age of vines 20 years.

Spontaneous fermentation with indigineous yeasts, aged in 40 hectolitre wooden tanks and in a bottle for a time, no filtration or sulphites added. Average production 15,000 bottles.

Sip or Smash

This is totally a smash

Grape varietal

Malvasia, Ortrugo, Trebbiano


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