2020 Anne & Jean Francois Ganevat Madelon Rouge


Jura, France

The Anne & Jean Francois Ganevat Madelon Rouge is a perfumed and enticing wine with a bit of barnyard funkiness.

Made with a blend of Gamay (found mainly in Beaujolais), Enfarine (a rare French grape) and Trousseau, the wine has some similarities to the crus wines of Beaujolais, though with a bit more wildness to it. There’s an array of red, black and blue fruits mixed in with some barnyard characters which eventually fade away, leaving some spicy, elegant tones. The wine is made completely with bought fruit, though all grown to the Ganevats’ high standards. A great food wine, enjoy the Madelon Rouge with rich French meals or even a meat-based pizza.



Gamay, Trousseau, Gouais

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