2017 Anne & JF Ganevat Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile


Jura, France

The Anne & Jean Francois Ganevat Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile, like the Vin Jaune, is aged under flor, delivering a compelling wine.


Many wine drinkers have cottoned on to the wonders of wine aged under flor, such as from France’s Jura and Spain’s Jerez regions. The “sous voile” method (French for “under a veil”) is what gives this wine its distinct character, as well as the fact that wine that evaporates from the barrel is not replaced. You’ll notice pronounced aromas and flavours of nuts, citrus, spice and creaminess, with a silky, delectable mouthfeel. Farmed organically and with no additives, the Ganevat Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile is a pure and absolutely delicious wine.



Nerello Mascalese


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